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To kickstart NEET Preparation one should know all the details about the exam. NEET or The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test has now become the only undergraduate entrance test for gateway to top government medical colleges. Every year around 15 Lakh students take the NEET exam for admission into the top medical colleges of India. Competition is definitely tough. However, the exam can be conquered with the right strategy and correct mindset.

NEET Preparation Tips:

  • Build a year-long timetable- About how you are going to cover the syllabus.
  • Build a daily timetable concerning how you are going to spend your day and plan accordingly.
  • Remember this is a long marathon but every day is a sprint.
    Study limited material. Don’t study from too many different sources.
  • Instead stick to a few good sources and revise them regularly.
  • NCERTs should be the base material and it shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Assign one reference book to every topic and try to finish that first.
  • Give regular mock tests. This will ensure that you practice in the actual NEET environment.
  • Analyse each and every mock. NEET preparation is not complete if you don’t analyse and improve on your mistakes.
  • Maintain formula book: For each and every chapter of Physics, Chemistry and Biology maintain a single page notes.
  • So that it is easy to read just before the exam.

NEET 1 Year Course

One year course means Students already passed 12th or students are in Class XI and Moving to Class XII. There are several courses for 1 Year students.

Physics 360°

Physics 360° is a complete Physics course for the IIT-JEE & NEET (UG) Exam. We will cover the entire syllabus of IIT-JEE & NEET (UG) in 9 months. Not only this we will also provide Study Material and DPS i.e. Daily Practice Sheets, which will help students to prep in a significant manner.

PTQ: Physics through Questions

To prepare for any subject (be it Physics, chemistry, or biology) solving more and more questions is very essential part of preparation. Once you ignore solving questions, the subject feels like a burden. But when you solve multiple questions on the same topic, the subject turns into a favorite. So we bringing this course, so students fall in love with Physics.

NEET 2 Year Course

Class IX students to Moving Class X and aspiring for the NEET Exam.

Details Coming Soon. For any help regarding our courses or admission, contact us at +91-9278789595

NEET 3 Year Course

Class X students to Moving Class XI and aspiring for the NEET Exam.

Details Coming Soon. For any help regarding our courses or admission, contact us at +91-9278789595

NEET 4 Year Course

Class XI students to Moving Class XII and aspiring for the NEET Exam.

Details Coming Soon. For any help regarding our courses or admission, contact us at +91-9278789595

NEET: Test Series

Prep NEET-JEE Test Series for NEET is the best test series for the students preparing for the NEET (UG) examination. This test series will be conducted in online for the students. The answer key and the question paper discussion will be provided immediately after the examination.

Why should you join the test series?

  • This course is to provide ample practice and simulating the real-time experience of the NEET examination.
  • Mock Tests based on NEET pattern.
  • Accurate assessment of preparation level.
  • Test Analysis, Discussion & Evaluation.
  • Identifying the feeble, fragile areas and remedies for improvement.
  • Identification, assessment & improvement of weak areas.
  • Helps students to design an exam strategy and better.
  • Identification, assessment & improvement of weak areas.
  • To boost the level of familiarity with writing the NEET Exam.
  • Tips and tricks to achieve a better NEET score.
  • Instant performance analysis time management.

Test Series Modules:
Module 1:
Test Series (Solution with Rank)
Module 2: Test Series (Solution with Rank) + Details Video Discussion

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